sparklingsodacans asked:
Hi, do you go to Skidmore College? If so, what do you like about Skidmore, what don't you like, what is something interesting/unique about Skidmore? How big is the LGBTQ population at Skidmore? Thanks so much in advance.

Yes, I do go to Skidmore. I’m a sophomore this year. What I like about Skidmore is it has it’s own community—meaning, it’s not like a big university where there’s thousands of kids and every year is the same. Every graduating class has its own personality and you get to know all of them, and you especially get close with your own. Something I really appreciate about Skidmore is the amount of freedom they give you—there aren’t many rules, the campus security is pretty lax (some would argue, but I’ve heard about other schools…) and you can pretty much do whatever you want within sensible boundaries. Skidmore students are pretty lax too, and I really like how liberal everyone is. (Of course, depending on who you are, you might not like that…) To answer your question about LGBTQ students, I think there’s a pretty sizable population but everyone is so relaxed and accepting they aren’t really a separate, distinguishing part of the school. Everyone intermingles and is really friendly which I’m happy about.

I the only thing I don’t like about it is also what I love the best—it’s size. At times, I wish I was in a large school so I could just abscond away in the crowd, but in the end, I’m grateful that friends are so accessible and easy to make, and the professors always know your name. Sometimes registering for classes is difficult because classes close out on you, but you just have to plan ahead of time. 

Something unique? Skidmore always has Moorebid Ball—the halloween ball—on campus and although we’ve had a few incidents in the past it’s a huge tradition. Also, we have Falstaffs which is an old bar-turned-club on campus that hosts weekend parties and stuff. Overall we’re a tight-knit community and if you’re interested in the school, definitely hit me up!

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Posted on Monday, 29 August
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